Railway stations of Oslo, Norway

Website of the Norwegian railways: nsb.no

Oslo Central Station

The station is located in the center of the city.

The Airport Express Train

The Airport Express Train is designed for speeds of up to 210 km/h (130 miles/h) and covers a distance of 48 km (30 miles) from Oslo to Gardermoen. An airport train leaves very 10 minutes from Oslo S and Gardermoen Airport and 16 high- speed trains have been placed into service. The high-speed rail service takes 19 minutes to travel the distance between Oslo and Gardermoen, with travellers being taken almost to the door of the aircraft. A modern station on the lower level of the terminal building ensures that passengers arriving by train reach the check-in desks and the aircraft as simply and quickly as possible. In addition to the new high-speed railway, the airport is also served by Intercity, local and express trains. March 2000.

The Bergen Line

The train journey between Oslo and Bergen takes beteen 6 and 7 hours one way. The 471-km rail link between Oslo in east and Bergen in west is a dramatically beautiful train journey, crossing the roof of Norway.

The Southern Line

This railway line goes between Oslo via Kristiansand to Stavanger.

International trains

Trains to Copenhagen leave three times a day. From there, it is possible to get a train to London via the ferry from Oostend, Belgium. Direct trains also run from Copenhagen to Hamburg.

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