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The city of Bombasa is linked in 2007 to Nairobi and Uganda by rail.

The city of Mombasa in Kenya is located near the border with Tanzania.

From Mombasa (at the coast) the railway lines goes inland. After about 100 miles it the railway line splits:

- One part goes to Nairobi. From Nairobi you can reach Mt. Kilimanjaro by bus.

- The other part turns towads the border with Tanzania and crosses the border near Mount Kilimanjaro (in Tanzania). From here it's possible to reach the Tanzanian city of Arusha (near Mount Kilimanjaro) and to reach Dar es Salaam at the Tanzanian coast. In theory, because both railways use the 1 meter wide railway, but in 2006 the international link between Kenya en Tanzania is closed. In 2006 the entire railway system of Kenya has been privatised as are the railways of neighbouring Tanzania.


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