Lyon, France

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In 1981 Lyon became the first French city to be connected to Paris by the high-speed train known as the train à grande vitesse (TGV).


Is the main railway station in the city.
In 2013 a tramway connects this railway station to the Saint Exupery airport.
This railway station is located near Les Halles Paul Bocuse.
Old Lyon and the commercial heart of Lyon between the two rivers isn't nearly, but within walking distance. Or you can catch a bus or tramway.
This railway station was constructed in 1978 as part of the new urban development, called Lyon Part Dieu, with office towers, shopping mall and apartment buildings.
Around 2010 there are 11 tracks and platforms, serving daily around 140.000 passengers.

Saint Exupery airport railway station

There is a High Speed train station at the Lyon airport.

A subway opened in Lyon in 1978. 

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