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The Hague
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In Brussels there are 3 main railway station:

1. Brussels South (gare du Midi)

2. Brussels Central

3. Brussels North

Brussels South

This is the main modern station where the high-speeds (300 km/h) trains stop. These trains connect Brussels with London (, Cologne, Paris and Amsterdam ( In 2006 Brussels South is the only train station with many nice shops and restaurants. It's also the largest train station. This train station is connected to the ringway metroline and several (underground) tramways. Busses for Brussels South Airport (Ryanair) stop in 2004 at the corner of rue de France (Frankrijkstraat) in front of a secondary exit of the train station. In 2004 there was an accident with one of these busses during the 70 km ride on the highway. 2009

Brussels South railway station  a train at Brussels South
          railway station

Brussels Central

This underground station is located right in the middel of the history city center, within a 5 minutes walk from the 'Great Market' and the historic 'City Hall'. Train can go between the North and South station many tracks which are in a tunnel and in the middel of that tunnel is the central station. In 2006 it's old and dirty. This train station is connected to the main metroline.

Brussels central railway station

Brussels North

In 2006 the back exit of the train station is a rather unsafe place. On the side of the main exit, it's an area of many high modern office buildings. This train station has a busstation ( in 2006) and is connected to an underground tramway.


This train station is located almost under the Berlaymont building.

Brussels is the hub of the Belgian railway system


Airport Express: Several times a hour there is a raillink between each of the 3 railway station in Brussels and the Zaventem airport. The ride takes only half an hour.

From Brussels there is a link to Belgium's second largest city Antwerp several times each hour.

Every hour there is at least one train to Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam (in less than 3 hours). From 2007 a high-speeds railway line will be inaugurated between Antwerp, Rotterdam, Schiphol airport and Amsterdam and travel time will less than 2 hours.

The link from Brussels towards Germany goes via Cologne.


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