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from Antwerp by train to:

in 2 30 min

The Hague
in 2 hours

in 1  30 min

in 40 minutes
Price in 2006

in 2 hours

Antwerp central train station

 In Antwerp there is a Central railways station donwtown in the center.



Antwerpen-Berchem train station

A second railways station is located in Berchem, but if you get out there, there isn't much to see.


Very regular train to Brussels in less than 45 minutes. From there it's easy to connect.

There is aslo at least one train every hour which connects to the north to Rotterdam, The Hage, and Amsterdam (in less than 3 hours) These trains stop at Amsterdam Shiphol airport before arriving in Amsterdam.

Trains departing in Antwerp Central (also Berchem) station to Gent-Brugges-Oosten: several daily (every hour).

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