Ports of Oslo, Norway

Oslo (Norway) is situated at the end of a long Fjord. It's very nice to arrive in Oslo by sea. In February there is ice on the sea in Oslo.

Website of the Port of Oslo: ohv.oslo.no

There is a dialy passengership to and from the center of Copenhagen. The Crown of Scandinavia. It's nice as ships arrive and depart in both cities in the city center.

from Oslo by ship to:

New Castle





New York


There is a passengerline between Oslo and Hamburg but these ships don't arrive in the center of Hamburg.

Shipping companies: dfds


The best approach to Oslo is by sea, sailing up the fjord, where shrimpers and small sailing boats jostle with ferries and merchant ships, to where the city sprawls out from the compact centre around the quays to the flanks of the surrounding hills.

If you want to sail the Norwegian Coastline it's better to sail from the port of Bergen. From there you have a daily ferry service following ports along the entire Norwegian Coastline towards the North. It's called the fast way : http://www.hurtigruten.com

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