Port of Odessa, Ukraine

Chief trade and fishing port of the Ukraine.

The Port of Odessa is situated in the northwest part of the Black Sea.

Coordinates:4632'N and 3054'E.


Port processes about 30 million tons of cargo a year in 2006, among them more 15 million tons of liquid cargoes, including oil and crude oil, condensed gas and vegetable oil.

Developed infrastructure allows delivering cargo by auto, railway, marine and river transport. Specialized terminals of the port with large park of handling equipment and hauling devices allow handling wide range of cargoes.

The modern container terminal has an annual capacity more than 300.000 TEU.

46 protected berths with total length of quay line more than 7500 m allow to accept the vessels with cargo carrying capacity up to 100 thousand tons, up to 280 m length and up to 13, 0 m draft.

Passengers Terminal

In the historical part of Odessa close to main city sights large cruise ships (with up to 272 meters in length) are accepted.

Throughput of the Passenger Terminal is 4 million people per year.

The passenger terminal includes a Yacht Complex.

Ferry line: ukrferry.com

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