Port of Copenhagen, Denmark

Port website: cphport.dk

Shipping companies: dfds

A large proportion of Denmark's foreign and domestic trade passes through the port of Copenhagen:

Exports include cattle and cattle products, wool, grain, and dairy products.

Imports include coal, petroleum, and industrial raw materials.


Ferry service

Every late afternoon there is an overnight passengers and car ferry to Oslo, with arrival the next morning in Oslo.


Cruise ships

In 2006 Copenhagen is the leading port in Europe in the cruise ship industry, with more than 400.000 passengers with nearly 300 cruise calls.

In 1985 the port of Copenhagen recieved 185.000 cruise ship passengers. The cruise ships often sail along the Norwegian coast or tour the Baltic, where Saint Petersburg is the main attraction.


Old docksides

The Port of Copenhagen has a great history and the old docksides are have been constantly redeveloped into urban area.


from Copenhagen by ship to:

Riga Antwerp Oslo Rotterdam Hamburg
Stockholm Helsinki Saint Petersburg Tallinn Gothenburg

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