Port of Cape Town

South Africa

Cape Town is the most famous port in Africa and one of the most beautiful in the world.
The port is situated on one of the world's most important trade routes and will always have importance for that reason alone.
Cape Town is also an important container port, second in South Africa only to Durban, and handles the largest amount of fresh fruit.

Cape Town Container Terminal handled its highest ever volume of containers during 2001 - 471,112 TEUs, of which 242,084 were imports and 229,028 were exports.
Fishing has a significant place in the activity of the port, affecting the ship repair industry in particular, with large Asian fishing fleets using Cape Town as a transhipment logistics and repair base for much of the year.

The historic Victoria and Alfred Basins now form the famous Cape Town Waterfront but are still available for commercial purposes, creating a unique attraction for the waterfront development. These are used by smaller commercial vessels including fishing and pleasure boats and by the smaller passenger cruise ships.

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