Kingston, Jamaica

City on the southeastern coast of the Caribbean island Jamaica, at the foot of the lushly vegetated Blue Mountains.

Largest city, capital, and chief seaport of Jamaica. Population (1991, greater city) 587,798.

It is the island nation's chief transportation, commercial, and manufacturing center.

Bank of Jamaica - Jamaica stock exchange -

Many tourists visit the area. Hotel

Exports include sugar, coffee, rum, molasses, and bananas.

Among the manufactures in the city, produced mainly along the waterfront, are textiles, petroleum products, clothing, and processed food.

The College of Arts, Science, and Technology (1958).

The University of the West Indies (1948) is in suburban Mona.

National Library   University of technology   Statistical Institute of Jamaica

The city flourished in the 18th century as a port for slave traders, and in 1872 it succeeded Spanish Town as the island's capital.

Kingston was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1907.

It became the capital of independent Jamaica in 1962.

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