Frankfurt, west central Germany

Frankfurt is a global center of international banking, a busy trade fair center and a major conference site - the Gateway to Europe with the largest airport on the continent, the busiest train station and of course, a super modern highway system crossroads of the German autobahn.

It is estimated over 50,000 high-level meetings, seminars and conferences are held each year in Frankfurt. The city is even more than a first rank business meeting point with global appeal - it's where ideas are born and decisions are made. And over 2.6 million people attend its well-known trade shows and conventions including automotive industry and consumer fairs each spring and fall. -

In the modern part of the city skyscrapers like the Dresdner Bank, over 500 feet high, the Deutsche Bank Building (over 450 feet high), and the newly built Comerzbank, the tallest in Europe, shoot skyward. The Building of the European central bank is also to be found in this area ( -

Were someone to ask me what place I thought more comfortable for my cradle, more fitting for my bourgeois attitudes, more appropriate for my poetic view, I could not name a better city than Frankfurt." (J.W. Goethe) „On 28 August 1749, at the last stroke of midday, I was born in Frankfurt am Main,“ writes Goethe in his autobiographical work „Poetry and Truth“. Goetheplatz, Goethe-Straße, Goethe-Universität - the people of Frankfurt are very proud of their native poet. Despite the fact that he spent most of his life in Weimar, and did not always have a good word to say about Frankfurt, still some of his most famous works were written here.

Companies based in Frankfurt : Real Estate Agent

Residents 630.000

The city of Frankfurt stands out in the midst of the proverbially enchanting German countryside with historic buildings, huge palaces, castles and city walls.

Since the Middle Ages, with its strategic location and superior network of ocean, river and land connections, Frankfurt has been the traditional port of entry to the Old World and a prosperous center of trade. That tradition continues to this day with the largest international airport on the continent situated in Frankfurt. Over 1,200 years old, the city today preserves its charm with a harmonious blend of progress and tradition.

Visitors will be amazed by architectural structures from the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century including the Römer City Hall, built in 1405 whose walls are decorated with portraits of 52 emperors crowned right in the hall; the four Towers of the wall that protected the city in the XV Century; the Saalhof Chapel from the Twelfth Century; and the Hauptwache that during the Eighteenth Century was a prison and army quarters.

There are close to 40 museums including the Museum of Modern Art, the Schirn Art Hall, the German Cinema Museum, and the Museum of Natural History among others.

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