Airports of Washington DC, USA

Washington DC is served by three commercial airports:

- Washington National

- Dulles International

- Baltimore-Washington International

Fly from Washington DC to:

Minneapolis Chicago Atlanta Cincinnati Pittsburgh
Columbus Detroit New York Boston Miami
Los Angeles Denver Chicago Toronto Detroit

European destinations:

London Amsterdam Brussels Paris Frankfurt

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 Airports Authority:

Washington National (IAD) in 1998

This airport is located near the city center.

In 2005 (but no longer in 2009) Independence air used this airport:

Washington - Dulles International (IAD) Virginia recieved 15 619 407 passengers in 1998.

Airlines: United Airlines

United Airlines

Ronald Reagan National (DCA) - USA - District of Columbia

(DCA) recieved 15 808 879 passengers in 1998.


Washington Baltimore international airport

See Baltimore page.

Washington DC airports



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