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Vancouver International airport (YVR)

Official Vancouver airport website:

Airlines: Air Canada

The airport is located South of downtown Vancouver close to the city center. Vancouver's SkyTrain rapid transit system has a Canada Line which directly connects the airport (YVR) (as well as downtown Richmond) to downtown Vancouver.This connection was opened in August 2009 and built in anticipation of the 2010 Olympics.

Vancouver International (YVR) had 15 715 736 passengers in 1998.


Coal Harbour airport (CXH)

The airplanes glide on the water to take off and land just from the waterfront downtown Vancouver.

You can fly in 35 minutes South Westwards towards to Pacific Coast to Victoria (British Columbia, Canada). From Victoria you can take a ferry to Seattle. All these cities are situared inland from the Ocean, as there are pleny of Sounds in this region. There is only one entrance to the Pacific Ocean, and this is were the border between is USA and Canada is situated.

Airline: Harbour Air is located in downtown Vancouver on Coal Harbour Road.

Boundary bay airport (YDT)

Airport website:

This airport is used by general aviation. It's loacted near Boundary bay, with is South of downtown Vancouver. It's about 30 minutes to downtown Vancouver.

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