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from by airplane Taipei to:

in 3 h 35 min
in 1 h 45 min
Osaka Honolulu
in 8 h 45 min
Amsterdam Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong
in 1 h 45 min
in 3 hours
London Singapore Manila
in 2 h 5 min
Nagoya San Francisco

Jakarta Ho Chi Ming Seoul Los Angeles
in 11 h 25 min

Phnom Penh Brisbane

in 3 h 10 min

Taipei - Taoyuan international airport (TPE)

Airport website:

Airlines: Eva Air - China Airlines

Between 2003 and 2013 passenger numer did grow from 15 million to over 30 million, and the airport was reaching almost it's full capacity.

Opened in 1979 some 40 km West of the city center. In 2006 the original name of Chiang Kai Shek was changed.

TPE in 1998 recieved 15 725 448 passengers.

Taipei - Sung Shan (TSA)

In 2013 the airport handled only 5,8 million passengers.

At it's peak in 1997 the airport handeld 15 million passengers.

This was the original airport of the city, and military base. Too small to grow.

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