Santiago de Chili airports page

from Santiago de Chili by airplane to :

La Paz Asuncion
in 2 h 20 min
Los Angeles Mexico City
in 8 h 30 min
in 3 h 50 min
Buenos Aires
in 1 h 55 min
Houston Bogota
in 4 h 50 min
Montevideo Madrid
in 12 h 55 min
in 9 h 40 min
in 8 h 35 min
Sao Paulo Paris
in 13 hours


Santiago - Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)

Airtport website:

Airlines based at this airport: Lan Chile.

The airport is situated 14km (8miles) from the city center at an elevation of 474m (1,555ft). Position 332326"S, 0704709"W.

In 1998 the airport was used by around 6.360.000 passengers but by 2005 the number of passengers had declined to 5.783.000 passengers.

Santiago de Chili should not be confused with the city of Santiago in Spain.


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