Airports of San Francisco, California, USA

from San Francisco by airplane to :

Hololulu Seattle Los Angeles
in 1 h 15 min
Las Vegas Phoenix
Vancouver Minneapolis Houston New York
in 5 h 20 min
in 5 h 30 min
San Diego Toronto Chicago
in 3 h 50 min
Detroit Baltimore
Salt Lake City Memphis Atlanta Washington Philadelphia
Denver St Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati Orlando
in 3 h 30 min

in 5 h 20 min
Seoul Tokyo
in 10 h 40 min

London Paris

Taipei Manila Frankfurt Moscow
Hong Kong
in 14 hours


San Francisco International Airport (SFO)


Airport website: or

In 2013 almost 45 million passengers used the airport. BART (railway) takes you to downtown San Francisco.

San Francisco International Airport's Master Plan is an ambitious, $2.4 billion improvement program designed to make SFO the easiest to use, most traveler-friendly airport in the world. SFO is undertaking its Master Plan to meet the needs of a growing number of passengers who use the airport. The 7th busiest airport in the world, SFO will handle more than 51 million passengers each year by 2006, up from 40 million in 1998. The number of Pacific Rim travelers using SFO is projected to increase by more than 70 percent in the next ten years.

In 1998 the 8th busiest airport in the world (by passenger number: 40 060 326 passengers)

With strong headwinds a 747-400 from San Francisco to Hong Kong might need a fuel stop in Taipei after 14 hours of flight.

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near San Francisco is Sacramento airport

airports website :


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