airports of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

from Riyadh by airplane to :

Damascus Jeddah
in 1 h 35 min
Abu Dhabi Dubai
in 1 h 40 min

in 2 h 40 min
Amman Tehran
Karachi Mumbai
in 3 h 50 min
in 6 h 40 min
in 5 h 45 min

in 5 h 5 min

in 8 h 25 min
in 9 h 35 min


Riyadh King Khaled International Airport (RUH)

Airlines: Saudi Arabian Airlines

Location: 35km (22m) north of Riyadh.

The airport opened in 1983 and is a masterpiece of modern architecture, blending traditional Arab design with the requirements of efficiency. The airport occupies an area of about 225 square kilometers. In 2006 it's the largest airport in terms of land space.

This airport recieved 8 308 598 passengers in 1998.

Saudi Arabian Airlines


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