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Oslo - Gardemoen (OSL)

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Every 15 minutes there is a very fast train between the airport and central station in downtown Oslo.

This very modern airport in 2003 can handle 12 million passengers. Gardemoen (GEN) in 1998 : 3 863 668 passengers, as traffic was still at Fornebu airport.

16 pictures at Gardemoen airport in 2003 and in 2004

Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL)Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL)



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Airlines: ryanair

This airport is used by low cost airlines in 2005.


Oslo Fornebu (FBU)

OSLO (FBU) in 1998 : 9 444 325 passengers. This airport is too close to the city of Oslo and couldn't expand anymore, so it was closed in 1998. Traffic went to Oslo - Gardemoen (GEN) in 1998.

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