Montreal Trudeau international airport (YUL)

In 2012 the biggest long haul markets from Montreal are:

Paris CDG (503,000), London LHR (129,000) and Casablanca (CMN)

Montreal Trudeau international airport is the airport of Montreal in 2011. The Mirabel airport didn't replace it. It's also called Dorval airport and it's really near the city center. Bus 747 has offers several times each hour a service to the downtown area in 2011. Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world. Early October might be the best time of the year to visit. Colors will be nice.

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            Trudeau international airport (YUL)Montreal Trudeau
            international airport (YUL)
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Montreal Trudeau international airport (YUL)

Airlines: Air Canada, Air Transat

Bus: Bus 747 has offers several times each hour a service to the downtown area in 2011.

Departures: Brussels , Paris , New York

Montreal Trudeau is the largest airport of Montreal in 2009. Aviation related activities here started as early around 1940, and the site was chose for it's good weather conditions.

In 1975 a new airport was openend further way from Montreal near Mirabel, and this airport was intended to become a very large airport. At the time Montreal was the largest airport of Canada. Between 1975 and 1997 international flights had to land at Mirabel (YMX), but this Mirabel airport never became what is was intended to be. So airlines got the choice between Dorval and Mirabel, and most returned to Dorval.

The Dorval airport was renovated. Then in 2006 they renamed the airport, which had been known under the name of Montreal Dorval to Montreal Trudeau, which is the name of a Canadian minister. So in 2009 Montreal Trudeau international airport is once again the almost only passenger airport of Montreal.

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