Airports of Milan, northern Italy

Lineata (old airport near city center) - Malpensa (New in 2000) - Bergamo (low cost airlines)

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 Milan has 3 airports

1. Milan -Malpensa (MXP)

Airport website:

Airlines: alitalia,, (2007)

The airport is situated 50km/30 miles northwest of Milan.

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)Milan Malpensa Airport

It was a new airport in 2000 and has very modern architecture. Ir's the main international airport. Malpensa had 5 919 592 passengers in 1998.

Trains run to central Milan (Stazione Nord Milano) every 30 minutes (journey time: 30 minutes). The trainstation is in the arrivals area of Terminal 1.

There are two bus services:
the Malpensa Express which leaves from the arrivals area of Terminal 1 every 30 minutes and terminates at Stazione Nord Milano (journey time: 1 hour);
the Malpensa Shuttle which goes to Statione Centrale every 20 minutes (journey time: 1hour).

 Milan Malpensa terminal


2. Milan Lineate (LIN)

Linate: situated just a few kilometres outside the city. It's the old main airport.

Two buses link the city centre:
- the ATM 73 which departs every 10 minutes (journey time: 20 minutes);
- the STAM bus that leaves every 30 minutes (journey time: 30 minutes).

Milan Lineata: 13 611 749 passengers in 1998



3. Milan - Bergamo (BGY)

12 photo's of Milan Bergamo airport (5 MB)

Airport website:

Airlines: Ryanair,, (2007)

This is a small low budget airport in 2003.

Orio al Serio Airport is situated 31 miles (50km) to the north east of Milan just outside the city of Bergamo.

In 2003 there was a non-stop bus service between Milan Central railway station and Bergamo airport. Frequency is was less than once an hour in 2003 and there was competition between bus companies, so you needed to make sure you buy a ticket for fastest departure.


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