Luanda  (Angola)

flying from Luanda to:

Lisbon Paris Johannesburg
in 3 h 20 min
Rio London Brussels

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Luanda AO (LAD)

Luanda 4km (2miles)

Airlines: Taag Angola.

In 2006 there is a weekly British Airways BA077/076 Heathrow - Luanda - Heathrow route flight. Fares between London and Luanda with British Airways are not cheap in 2006. You will not get an economy fare of less the 1000 pound.  There is a small amount of VFR (Visit Friends and Relatives) Angolan traffic and otherwise, people who go to LAD only go there because they have to. Luanda is a big oil destination and not a low budget or leisure travellers destination.

BA077 departs Heathrow on friday evening at 19:50 and arrives in Luanda at 04:20 saturday morning. (8h 30m flight). The aircraft (Boeing 777) stays until 23:50. During the 19.5 hours stopover the crew rests before they head back with the aircraft to Heathrow on the BA076, arriving back at Heathrow at 08:30 sunday morning.

Law: trade law in Angola in 2006: avaiation.


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