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Lahore Abu Dhabi
Jeddah Riyadh Dubai
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London Istanbul Moscow
Birmingham Frankfurt Cairo Kuala Lumpur
Toronto Singapore
New York

Karachi international airport (KHI)

Jinnah International Airport (2007)

Airport website: karachiairport.com


- Pakistan International Airways (hub)

- airblue.com (2007, private company)

shaheenair.com (2007, private company)

- bhojaair.com.pk

In 2007 the facility can handle upto 12 million passengers per year.

Between 1960 and 1980 airlines from all over the world used the modern Karachi airport as a stopover and refueling point for intercontinental flights.

But the airlines from all over the world stayed away due to the longer range capablilties of new passenger aircraft like Boeing 747, DC 10, Lockhead Tri-star, Boeing 767, Airbus A330/340 and competition from nearby Dubai.

Karachi airports


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