Airports of Hamburg, Germany

The main airport of Hamburg is just 8 km northwest of the city center.

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Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel (HAM)

Official airport website:

Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel airport is just 8 km to the northwest of the city centre.

With over 13 million passengers in 2013 Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel is the 5th busiest German airport (after Berlin Tegel, Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt).

Most destinations are European and tourism to Turkey in 2013. There are a few intercontinental routes like Newark (with United), Dubai (with Emirates) and Tehran (with Iran Air).

As from 2007, a new direct rail link, running every 10 minutes, will takes passengers from the airport to the city centre in 23 minutes.

Hamburg Lubeck Airport

Airport website:

Airline: Ryanair

Another airport near Hamburg. Lubeck (and Kiel)are cities North of Hamburg, near the border with Denmark. They are located on the Baltic Sea. They are Hansa cities and also Baltic cities. You can travel by train from Hamburg to Lubeck and Kiel.



Hamburg - Finkenwerder (XFW) Germany

This airport is located near Hamburg.

Royal Jordanian


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