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Airports of Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow has several airports:

- one near the city center

- one in Prestwick : 16 pictures of Glasgow Prestwick airport

- Edinburgh airport is less than one hour away

flying from Glasgow to:

Dublin Oslo Amsterdam London Frankfurt
New York
in 7 h 15 min
Barcelona Brussels Paris Rome

Glasgow Prestwick airport (PIK)Glasgow Prestwick airport (PIK)

Prestwick International Airport (PIK)

16 pictures of the airport

The airport is located thirty miles (48 kilometres) south of Glasgow City Centre, on the coast just near the Sea.

Airport website:

16 pictures of Glasgow Prestwick airport

The airport has excellent transport links to Glasgow City Centre, including a direct train link from its own rail station to the City, journey time is 45 minutes and all passengers receive a 50% discount on the standard fares on production of their airline ticket on the train. There is a walking bridge between the airport terminal and the train station (2004).

In 2004 Ryanair offers low cost flights to London Stanstead, Dublin, Paris Beauvais, Frankfurt Hahn, Brussels Charleroi and Oslo Torp.


Glasgow International Airport (GLA)

This is Scotlandís busiest airport serving over eight million passengers a year (in 2003) with direct flights to New York, Chicago and Toronto and 45 daily flights to London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

Located just eight miles (13 kilometres) west of Glasgow City Centre.

Combined with Edinburgh airport (less than one hour away) Glasgow services direct flights from 19 European cities, including the key hubs of Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris and Zurich.

Airlines: British airways,, (low cost to Canada in 2005).

Airport website: (

Several hotels are availabe in 2005 (Holiday Inn) within walking distance of the airport.


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