Airports of Cologne, Germany

Cologne has it's own airport: 16 photo's at Cologne airport, but Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are within reach.

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Cologne - Bonn (CGN)

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The Konrad Adenauer Airport is located approximately 15km south of Cologne and approximately 22km north of the city of Bonn.

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16 photo's at Cologne - Bonn airport

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From the city centres of Cologne and Bonn an airport shuttle leaves every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on Saturday and Sundays in 2003. It takes approximately 20 minutes by this shuttle bus to get from Cologne main railway station to the airport and 40 minutes from Bonn main railway station.

In 2003 a train station is under construction at the airport.

In 1998 some 5'383'902 passengers used this airport

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)

The main airport of Dusseldorf is near Cologne. The cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf are only separated 20 minutes by train.

Frankfurt Main airport (FRA)

By train there is a high speed connection between Cologne and Frankfurt Main airport. As this airport has it's own high speed train railway station, you can reach it from Cologne central railway station in 1 hour.



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