Beijing (Peking) airports

from Beijing by airplane to:

Changchun Shenyang

Dalian Harbin
Chengdu Wuhan Nanjing Shanghai
in 1 h 55 min


in 5 h 45 min
Hong Kong Shenzhen Taipei
Los Angeles


Beijing airport (PEK)

Airlines: Air China (primary hub) - China eastern airlines

In 2013 this is the busiest airport in the world with almost 84 million passengers.

In 2011 I had a transfer at the old terminals on a flight from Brussels to Hong Kong. It was complicated. We passed pasport control without visa. We picked up our luggage and checked it in again for the flight to Hong Kong. It was also amazing that at 5 am in november while freezing, every 50 or 100 m they had a soldier standing along the taxi way. Was this just to impress or was it the standard seculity all over the huge airport?

In 2008 the Olympic Games were held in Beijing. A new airport terminal (Terminal 3) was opened. It was the biggest airport building in the world. The new terminal is located at the other side of a runway from the older terminals which remained in use.

In 2007 with over 53 million passengers Beijing was the 9th bussiest airport in the world.

Terminal 2 opened in 1999.

In 1998 some 17 318 999 passengers used this airport.

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