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The city of Antwerp has it's own small airport near the city center, but the Brussels Zaventem airport is only 30 km south of Antwerp.

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Antwerp airport

antwerp deurne airport


Antwerp Deurne Airport (ANR)

The airport is located just south-east of the city center. It's very close to the city center. It's a small airport.

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Runway Elevation : 39 ft. - Runway Length : 4839 ft. (2007)

Longitude : 4 27 37 E - Latitude : 51 11 22 N


Brussels Airport (Zaventem)

There is also a bus service between the center van Antwerp and Brussels airport. The busride takes 45 minutes over the highway to the South towards Brussels. Zaventem is located just North of Brussels.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN)

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