Abu Ahabi airports

Abu Dhabi is located near Dubai. By bus it takes a 1,5 hour drive.

from Abu Dhabi by airplane to:

Cairo Jeddah Riyadh Tehran Karachi
Frankfurt Paris Istanbul Mumbai Singapore
New York London Amsterdam Melbourne Sydney


Abu Dhabi (AUH):

Airport website: dcaauh.gov.ae

Airlines: Gulf air, etihadairways.com


In 2005 around 5,5 million passengers used this airport.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates but has a compact airport (AUH) compared to Dubai. It lacks many facilities and is old. Even though they are starting to build a new terminal, it's about time (9 May 2003).

In 1998 some 3'131'283 passengers used the Abu Dhabi airport.



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