Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is based in London.


By 2014 they started recieving Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners

In november 2006 Virgin Atlantic used 13 Boeing 747-400 (G-VAST, G-VBIG, G-VFAB, G-VGAL, G-VHOT, G-VLIP, G-VROC, G-VROM, G-VROS, G-VROY, G-VTOP, G-VWOW, G-VXLG). These 747-400 are used on transatlantic flights, as they are lighter versions.

To Asia Virgin Atlantic used 5 A340-300 (G-VAIR, G-VELD, G-VFAR, G-VHOL, G-VSEA) and 17 A340-600 (G-VATL, G-VBLU, G-VEIL, G-VFIT, G-VFIZ, G-VFOX, G-VGOA, G-VMEG, G-VOGE, G-VRED, G-VSHY, G-VSSH, G-VNAP, G-VGAS, G-VWIN, G-VWKD, G-VYOU). Virgin Atlantic had 8 more A340-600 on order in november 2006. The entire Airbus fleet was based at London Heathrow.

In 2005 Virgin Atlantic used 13 Boeing 747-400 and from Airbus 10 A340-600 and 8 A340-300.

In 2003 Virgin Atlantic flies 8 Boeing 747-400 and from Airbus 4 A340-300 and 9 A340-600. They have ordered 6 Airbus A380.

In December 1999, Richard signed an agreement to sell a 49% stake of Virgin Atlantic to Singapore Airlines to form a unique global partnership - the deal valuing Virgin Atlantic at a minimum of 1.225bn.


Virgin Express

By 2014 all 737 have left the fleet of Brussels Airlines.

Virgin Express is based in Brussels.

In 2003 Virgin Express was using 13 Boeing 737-300. Virgin Express was take over by SN Brussels airlines in 2004.


In November Virgin Express became part of Brussels Airlines together with sn Brussels Airlines.

Virgin Express B737

Virgin Blue

By 2014 this became Virgin Australia

In 2005 in Australia Virgin also had an airline:



Virgin in Nigeria

Seems to be flying in 2005.


Virgin in the USA

By 2014 this is Virgin Amercia

Under development in 2005.

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