Varig is based at Sao Paulo in Brasil. They also have a hub in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.


In 2006 Varig was so much in trouble that they reduced their fleet. They lost the (leased) wide bodies for international flights, so the company became shadow of what it used to be. Some aircraft were seized in New York.

In 2005 Varig used 14 MD 11 and 3 DC-10 aircraft. They had stored 1 DC-10 airplane. Also from Boeing they used 4 Boeing 777-200 and 4 Boeing 777-200ER. They also used 5 Boeing 767-300ER and 4 Boeing 757-200. They also had 45 Boeing 737, which were nearly all 737-300, and of which 3 aircraft were stored, and 4 were Next Generation 737.

varig 777-200

Varig leases it's airplanes in 2004. The newer Boeing 777 is sometimes introduced on routes, but withdrawn again later.

In 2003 VARIG was the largest airline company in Latin America... they were flying 10 Boeing 767, 9 MD 11 aircraft, 2 Boeing 777-200 and 28 Boeing 737.

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