Tunisair is based in Tunis

Websites: tunisair.com - tunisair.com.tn

By 2014 the fleet evolved a bit - 2009 fleet update

In 2004 Tunisair used a fleet of 11 Airbus A320 and 3 Airbus A319 airplanes. They also used 3 Airbus A300 widebody jets. They also used 4 old Boeing B737-200 airplanes and 4 Boeing B737-500 airplanes. Also from Boeing they used 7 Boeing B737-600 airplanes.

Tunisair provides important flight frequency for the most major cities of the Western Europe in 2004. Furthermore, Tunisair is developing its network for Eastern Europe in 2004, as more and more people from the Eastern Europe are discovering Tunisia as a vacation destination. In 2004 the Middle East is growing more and more important in terms of increasing demand for air service.

More than 3,150,000 passengers carried during year 2002.


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