In 2005 Swiss was taken over by Lufthansa.

Swiss was headquartered in Bazel in 2004. It was the national airline of Switzerland. Many of it's aircraft are based in Zurich.


By 2014 they have changed from A330-200 to A330-300


In 2005 the routemap of Swiss extenteds all over the globe: North America (Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Miami), South America (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo), Africa (Cairo, Johannesburg, Tripoli, Douala, Yaounde, Nairobi, Benghazi, Malabo), Asia (Dubai, Mumbai, Karachi, Tel Aviv, Jeddah, Ryadh, Muscat,  Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Manila) and all over Europe (Dublin, Malaga, Paris, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hannover, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Lisboa, Barcelona, Roma, Napoli, Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw)

In 2004 SWISS operates 9 Airbus A 330-223 aircraft on intercontinental flights. The Airbus A330-223 with a two-class configuration holds a maximum of 230 passengers and those with a three-class configuration accommodate 196 passengers.

Starting in June 2003, 12 of the airbus A340-300 four-jet long-haul aircraft will replace the Boeing MD-11 aircraft. The A340-300 can, thanks to its long range of 11,000 km, fly non-stop to all SWISS destinations around the world with a full payload. In 2004 already 9 A 340-300 were in service with Swiss.

For distances up to 3,600 kilometres, SWISS uses 14 Airbus A320-214 in 2004, which seats 134 to 150 passengers.

4 Airbus A321 is the SWISS solution in 2004 for larger passenger loads on short and medium haul routes, accommodating 170 to 186 passengers and 4.3 tonnes of cargo.

SWISS relies in 2004 on 7 Airbus A319, at 33.8 metres in length seating 110 to 126 passengers on distances up to 3,000 kilometres.

With its four advanced and powerful engines, the Avro RJ 85/100 is especially suited to operations to and from airports with short runways. In 2004 SWISS operates two versions of the type: 4 RJ 85, which seats 82 passengers, and 15 RJ 100, which has seating for 97.

The regional jet Embraer RJ 145 is a state-of-the-art 49-seat twinjet. SWISS has ordered 25 examples of this sophisticated regional transport. In 2004  already 11 were in service.

The Swedish-built Saab 2000 Concordino is a 50-seat regional aircraft that has the cruising speed of a jet. In 2004 Swiss operated 7 of these aircraft.

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