Qantas airlines

Qantas airlines has hubs in Sydney, Melbourne,Brisbane and Perth.

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By 2014 they fly the A380-800 - 2009 fleet update

In 2005 Qantas was using 24 Boeing 767 (nearly all 767-300ER). They sold one Boeing 767-200ER to the founders of Google. They used 24 Boeing 747-400 and 6 Boeing 747-400ER. They also used 5 Boeing 747-300 and had stored or broken up 7 more Boeing 747. They also used 28 Boeing 737-800 and 22 Boeing 737-400. From Airbus they used 7 A330-300 and 4 A330-200. Operationally, those A330s have been a nightmare because of their inability to do quick turns off short hauls without suffering major reliability issues. Financially, Qantas got them basically for free in exchange for a 12 A380 launch order.

In 2004 Quantas connected cities in Australia with North America (Los Angeles), Europe (London, Frankfurt, Paris), Africa (Johannesburg), Asia (Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Mumbai) and Oceania (Auckland).

In 2003 Quantas added 2 more Boeing 747-400ER. They have plans to take delivery of 11 airbus A330 and 12 Airbus A380.

In 2002 Qantas was the 12th largest airline in the world. They used 4 Boeing 747-400ER and 25 other Boeing 747-400 airctaft. They were also flying 6 Boeing 747-300. They were also flying 36 Boeing 767 and 60 Boeing 737. They aslo used 14 Boeing 717-200 and 15 BAe 146. They were flying 2 airbus A330.

Qantas has focused strongly on growth since its privatisation around 1995.

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