Pakistan International airways

Pakistan International airways has its main hub in Karachi. They also fly from Lahore.

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In 2014 they still fly 9 A310.

In april 2006 Pakistan used 12 Airbus A310, 7 Boeing 737-300, 7 Fokker F27, 6 Boeing 747-300, 3 Boeing 777-200ER, 2 Boeing 747-200 (Combi), 2 Twin Otter and 1 brand new Boeing 777-200LR.

above: a PIA A310 in Birmingham (UK) in 2004

Pakistan is the national carrier of Pakistan. In 2006 they fly between Pakistan and Europe (especially Birmingham, Manchester, London). After a stopover in the UK they fly to Canada (Toronto). With the Boeing 777-200LR they would like to do these flights non-stop from Pakistan.

In 2004 Pakistan international had a fleet of 10 Jumbo Jets (6 Boeing 747-300 and 4 Boeing 747-200). They also used 8 Airbus A300 and 6 Airbus A310. They were also flying 7 Boeing 737-300. For the short haul they used 11 Fokker F27 Friendship with turboprop engines and 2 Twin Otter airplanes (only 15m long). By october 2004 they were flying 12 Airbus 310 and they had added 3 Boeing 777-24ER to their fleet. The Board approved free of cost donation of bare hulk of one grounded B747-200 aircraft to PAF Museum for general public.

In 2004 Pakistan International airways was flying between Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore.) and Europe (Copenhagen, Paris, Athens, Frankfurt, Rome, Amsterdam, Oslo, Birmingham, London, Manchester). They also were flying between Pakistan and North America (New York, Chicago, Toronto). Within Asia they had many destinations: Dhaka, Beijing, Hong Kong, Delhi, Mumbai, Jakarta, Tokyo, Almaty, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Jeddah, Riyadh, Singapore, Colombo, Bangkok, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Tashkent.

In 1986 a PIA Boeing 747-282B with 247 passengers and 17 crew made a belly landing in Islamabad after a flight from Karachi, because ... the pilots forgot to lower the landing gear. Nobody got hurt and the 747 jumbojet was put back into service.

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