Olympic Airlines

Olympic Airlines is based in Athens.

Website: olympicairlines.com

By 2014 what remains is added to aegean - 2009 fleet update

In 2004 Olympic Airlines connects Greece with the rest of Europe (London, Paris, Munich, Moscow, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan).

They were also flying beteen Athens and North-America (New York, Toronto, Montreal) and between Athens and Sydney via Bangkok. They were also flying between Athens and Johannesburg. Olympic airlines also provides domestic flights in Greece.

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In december 2003 Olympic Airlines had a fleet of 4 Airbus A340-300 (SX-DFA Olympia, SX-DFB Delphi, SX-DFC Marathon, SX-DFD Epidaurus), 3 Airbus A300-605R (SX-BEK Macedonia, SX-BEL Crete,SX-BEM Athena), 1 Boeing B737-300, 13 Boeing B737-400, 7 ATR 72 and 6 ATR 42. They also had 4 Bombardier Dash-8 aircraft.

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