Lot is based in Warsaw (Poland).

Website: lot.com

By 2014 they had a new fleet of Embraer E-jets and Boeing Dreamliners

In 2007 Lot had a low cost subsidiary: centralwings.com

In april 2006 Lot was using 4 Boeing 767-300ER and 2 Boeing 767-200ER for the long haul. They also used 3 Boeing 737-400 and 6 Boeing 737-500. From Embraer they used 10 Embraer 170 and 11  Embraer ERJ-145. They still used 8 ATR-72 and 4 ATR-42.

In 2006 Lot was still flying between Warsaw and Europe (Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow, St-Peterburg, Sofia, Kiev, Minsk, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, Larnaca, Tel Aviv, Beirut). Long Haul their destinations remained New York, Toronto and Chicago.

In august 2003 Lot had a fleet of 19 Boeing 737 and 5 Boeing 767. In august 2003 they were also using 14 Embraer ERJ-145, 8 ATR-72 and 4 ATR-42.

It's the national airline of Poland. In 2003 the shareholder structure of Lot was as follows: State Treasury - 67.96 percent, SAirLines Europe B.V. - 25.10 percent, Employees - 6.94 percent

In 2003 they were flying between Warsaw and major cities in Europe. In 2003 they also had flights between Warsaw and North America (New York, Toronto and Chicago).

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