Libyan Arab airlines

Libyan Arab airlines is based in Tripoli.

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In 2006 the airline is still owned by the public sector.

In 2004 began to re-establish its name in the international market, using Airbus A310, A 320 and two A300 and offering flights between Tripoli and Cairo, Algiers, Casablanca, Frankfurt, London, Malta, Istanbul, and many destinations in Africa.

The A300 they used in 2004 is an ex-Egypt Air airplane and it was registered in Jordan. An A320 was leased in Ireland. They continued using the older planes they own (3 Boeing 727-300 and 2 Fokker F28 and 2 Fokker F27).

In 1988 Libya got into an isolated position and the national airline was forced to fly for a little more than ten years only to domestic destinations, using their old airplanes.

During the 1970s and 1980s Libyan Arab Airlines used to be one of the most important Arabian airlines, with a a large presence in European airports. They were using the Boeing 727 and 707 and Fokker F-28 airplanes.

Libyan Arab airlines was established in 1964.

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