Iran Air

Iran air has its main hub in Tehran.

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In 2014 they are stil stuggeling (agains US sanctions) to renew the fleet

In 2005 they added 2 airbus A300 from Olympic airlines to their fleet. So they had 8 A310 and 8 A300 in total. They stored 1 boeing 747sp and still used the 5 other old Boeing 747. In 2005 they added 5 Fokker F100 second hand from Tam (Brasil) aircraft to their fleet, so they used a total of 11 Fokker F100.

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In 2004 Iran air used 8 airbus A310 and 6 airbus A300. From Boeing they used 6 old Boeing 747 - 3 B747sp, 2 B747-200 and 1 B747-100 - and 4 Boeing 727-200. From Fokker they used 7 F100 airplanes.

In 2004 Iran air flies beteen Tehran and Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin). They also connect London and Paris with Tehran. In 2004 Iran air had only flights to Europe (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Madrid, Rome, Athens, Vienna, Istanbul) and to Asia (Tashkent, Almaty, Mumbai, Tokyo and within the Middle East: Dubai, Jeddah, Damascus).

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