Iberia airlines (Spain)

Iberia is based in Madrid and has a hub in Barcelona and serves most airports in Spain: Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Seville, ...

Website: Iberia.com

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By 2014 the A330-300 has been introduced - 2009 fleet update

Iberia was using many aircraft from airbus in 2005: some 60 A 320, 13 A 321 and 7 A 319. For the long-haul Iberia had a total of 27 Airbus A340 in 2005, of which 18 were A340-300 and the 9 other A340-600. In 2005 Iberia was still using 34 MD 80/90 aircraft. In 2005 Iberia is still using 10 Boeing 757-200. The 747's are stored as well as the DC-10's.

In 2004 Iberia was flying between Spain and America (New York, Miami, Chicago, Quito, Guayaquill, Caracas, Lima, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro) with the A340 and the 747. They had a few destinations in Africa (Cairo, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos), but didn't fly to Asia or Australia.

Iberia was also flying beteen Spain and the rest of Europe (London, Brussels, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, Lisbon, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Athens, ...) in 2004.

In 2003 Ideria used 76 airplanes of the Airbus A320 family and 17 Airbus A340.

In 2003 Iberia was replacing it's Boeing 747 fleet with Airbus A340-300 and A340-600 airplanes. All the DC-9s and Boeing 727s, the DC-10s and the Airbus 300 had been retiered by the year 2004.


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