Gulf Air

Gulf Air is based in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is located a 1:30 hour busride from Dubai.

Gulf Air


By 2014 their fleet did actually shrink as Etihad grew.

In 2004 Gulf air was using 10 Airbus A340 airplanes. They also used six A330-200s powered by the Trent 700. Gulfair also used around 11 A320 airplanes.


Gulf Traveller

Gulf Air's fleet of nine wide-body Boeing 767-300ER jets, will be used in all economy class from June 2004. This subsidiary will have it's own brand name. It's aimed for leisure and foreign workers. That subsidiary was called Gulf Traveller.



Corrosion at Bahrain airport

Gulf Air also serves Bahrain airport, which has a good climate for corrosion of aircraft. The airport is surrounded by sea, and the humidity at night can reach 100%, and there is salt in that fog. It never rains between April and December, but at 22:00 you need windcreen wipers all the time to clear the humidity away. These climatic conditions have corroded some of the Gulf air aircraft.

Abu Dhabi

While Gulf Air was estblished in 1950 and still exists in 2009, Etihad was established in 2003 in Abu Dhabi.

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