Eva Air

Eva Air has its main hub in Taipei (Taiwan).


By 2014 they fly 17 B77-300ER - 2013 WB fleet update

In 2006 they used 11 Airbus A330-200. They also used 14 MD-11 freighters. 18 Boeing 747-400 (5 passenger, 9 combi and 4 freighters) were still in use and 3 Boeing 777-300ER had joined the fleet. 4 McDonnald Douglas MD DC-90 were also in use. All the Boeing 767 had gone.

In 2004 Eva air used 8 Boeing 767 aircraft. 4 of these were 767-300 ER and 4 of them were 767-200 aircraft.

In 2003 Eva Air used a total of 19 Boeing 747-400, but only 5 of these were passenger airplanes, 10 were Combi's and 4 were freighters. Eva Air used 2 MD-11, one of these was a freighter. In 2003 Eva Air also had 2 brand new Airbus A330-200. In 2003 Eva Air used one Boeing 757-200 and 3 McDonnald Douglas MD DC-90.

In 2003 Eva Air had a route network of which Taipei was the central point. They fly to North-America (Los Angeles, San Francisco). They also fly to Europe London, Paris, Amsterdam). Eva air also flies between Taipei and Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Manila.

Eva air was established by the evergreen group, which is a shipping company.

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