Easyjet is based in London in 2005. They also have a hub in Amsterdam.

Website: easyjet.com

By 2014 they fly only A320 family - 2009 fleet update

In 2005 easyjet used the Boeing 737-300 and 737-700 and the Airbus A319 (55 aircraft) all of them with 149 seats in one class. Easyjet is a low cost airline in Europe in 2005. Normally low cost airlines operated one type of aircraft, but easyjet got a very low price for buying many A319 instead of the 737 from Boeing.

The easyJet fleet consisted of 72 aircraft in november 2003: 67 Boeing 737 series and 5 Airbus A319s.

This company is owned by a billionaire from Greece. He also has easy companies for easy internet cafés and easy car rental.


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