Delta airlines

Delta airlines dominates traffic in Atlanta. They also have a hubs in Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, New York (JFK), Orlando (MCO), Dallas DFW and Los Angeles (LAX).


2009 fleet update

In 2006 Delta had 8 Boeing 777-200ER in their fleet used for flights to Asia (Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Chennai and Tokyo).

With the Boeing 767 -300ER -400ER Delta had 26 destinations in Europe in 2006 (Shannon, Dublin, Manchester, Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Stuttgart, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Milan, Venice, Rome, Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow) from various airports in the eastern USA (Atlanta, New York, Cincinnati).

On september the 14th 2005 Delta airlines filed for banckruptcy protection.

In 2004 Delta airlines had many flights over the North-Atlantic with destinations like: London, Paris, Moscow, Brussels, Dublin, Manchester, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, ... They had only Mumbai and Tokyo as destinations in Asia. They didn't fly to Africa or Australia. In Latin-America they had destinations like: Mexico City, Panama City, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Lima, Bogota, Santiago de Chili and many others in the Caribbean. And of course they had many domestic flights within the USA.

In 2003 Delta airlines used a fleet of 8 Boeing 777 - 123 Boeing 767 - 136 Boeing 757 - 149 Boeing 737 - 14 MD 11 - 120 MD 88 and 238 Canadair Regional Jets

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