Avianca is based in Bogota. In 2004 it's the national airline of Colombia.

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By 2014 they even start flying Dreamliners

In May 2007 Avianca ordered 38 Airbus aircraft (33 A319s/A320s and five A330-200s) and took 32 options (27 A319s/A320s and five A330-200s).

In 2007 Avianca is the second oldest commercial airline in the world.

In 2004 Avianca was flying between Bogota and the USA (New York, Los Angeles, Miami) and also to Madrid in Europe. In Latin America their destinations included Buenos Aires, ....

In 2004 they had a fleet of 5 Boeing 767, and 6 Boeing 757. They also used 15 MD 83 airplanes and 10 Fokker 50 airplanes.

This airline lost a Boeing 707 which felt out of the sky near New York after the plane had no more fuel, after a too long waiting time to be allowed to land in stormy weather conditions after a 6,5 hour flight from Bogota. About half the passengers died.

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