Asiana is based in Seoul


By 2014 they have started flying the A380 -2009 fleet update

In april 2004 Asiana airlines had a fleet of 8 Boeing 747-400. They also used 12 Boeing 767-300ER and 4 Boeing 777-200. They also used 22 Boeing 737-400 and 3 Boeing 737-500. From Airbus they used 9 airplanes of the A320 family of airplanes.

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In 2003 they were flying between Seoul and Europe (London, Frankfurt). They also had many flights between Seoul and the USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Boston). They also connected Seoul with Sydney and Auckland in Oceania. In 2003 they also had lots of destinations in Japan, China and the rest of Asia (Bangkok, Delhi, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming, Kuala Lumpur, Almaty, Tashkent).

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