Alitalia is headquartered in Rome and has a hubs in Milan and Rome.


By 2014 the airline is still in the air -2009 fleet update

In 2008 the Alitalia company went bust and the brand and aircraft were take over by the Italian airline Air One.

In the first half of 2006 Alitalia placed 221 million euro of loss into it's accounts. By november 2006 Italian politicians were very worried about Alitalia: they expected that Alitalia was going to add more loss into it's accounts and the situation of the books of the company was that Alitalia was heading towards bankruptcy. In 2006 the share price of Alitalia was less than one euro. The Italian State owned 49 procent of Alitalia.

In november 2005 Alitalia raised it's capital for an ambitious recovery plan. Alitalia got  1 billion euro from banks. In 2005 Alitalia placed a 167 million euro loss in it's accounts.

In April 2004 Alitalia still was owned by the Italian State (62 percent). They were making a loss of over 1 million euro each month. On CNN it was said that they made a loss during 11 of the 12 last years. In 2004 the Italian government approved tax cuts on fuel and airport charges.

In March 2004 Alitalia took delivery of its first Embraer 170, the latest generation aircraft produced by the Brazilian manufacturer. Alitalia Express already has fourteen Embraer 145s in its fleet and, by mid-2004, will have all six of the Embraer 170s which have been ordered.

In 2003 Alitalia was updating it's long haul fleet with Boeing 777. They used 5 Boeing 777-200 (more being added) and 7 Boeing 767-300 Extended Range. They also had 9 MD-11 which would be phased out by the end of 2003. In 2003 Alitalia was flying intercontinental between Italy and America (New York, Chicago, Miami, Caracas, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires), some cities in Africa (Lagos, Accra, Dakar) and Asia (Tokyo, Osaka, Mumbai).

Alitalia A319 in BRU

2009 fleet update

In 2003 they had 6 Airbus of the A320 family and 10 MD-80 and some smaller aircraft.

In 2003 they also used 6 Boeing 747-200 Cargo airplanes. The Alitalia Long Haul passenger fleet will be standardized to only two aircraft families thanks to the disposal of the B747 and MD11 fleet. In 2003 Alitalia didn't use 747-200 anymore for passenger transport. Some MD 11 will be converted to freighters. In 1999 they used the 747-200 on the route between Italy and Bangkok.

Delivery dates of the Boeing 777.

32781 (459) 777-243ER 14/11/2003 EI-DBL lsd from GECAS - Named Sestriere
32782 (463) 777-243/ER 12/12/2003 EI-DBM lsd from GECAS - Named Argentario
32783 (455) 777-243ER 10/10/2003 EI-DBK lsd from GECAS - Named Ostuni
32784 (477) 777-243ER 15/05/2004 EI-DDH lsd from GECAS - Named Tropea
32855 (413) 777-243/ER 23/08/2002 I-DISA Named Taormina
32856 (421) 777-243/ER 25/10/2002 I-DISE Named "Portofino"
32857 (424) 777-243/ER 26/11/2002 I-DISO Named Positano
32858 (425) 777-243/ER 12/12/2002 I-DISU Named Madonna Di Campiglio
32859 (426) 777-243/ER 28/01/2003 I-DISB Named Porto Rotondo
32860 (439) 777-243/ER 08/05/2003 I-DISD Named Cortina d'Ampezzo

In overall terms, as of October 31, 2003, the Alitalia Group fleet was made up of 186 aircraft (31 for long-haul routes (including freighters), and 155 for short and medium-haul).

In 2001, Alitalia joined SkyTeam, one of the three major global alliances on the international scenario, which also includes Air France, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, Aeromexico and Czech Airlines.

In 1997, the EU approved the 2.75 trillion lire ($1.3bn) in aid but the European Court of Justice ruled against the decision.


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