Air India

Air India has a hubs in Delhi and Mumbai. They also have a hub in Cochin


By 2014 they have recieved most of their Boeing orders - 2010 Air India fleet update

In 2007 state owned international Air India merged with state owned domestic Indian Airlines.

In january 2006 Air India placed an order for 27 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners (to replace their fleet of Airbus A310-300), 15 Boeing 777-300ER and 8 Boeing 777-200LR.

In 2005 the fleet included 11 Boeing 747-400, 2 Boeing 747-300 combi and 2 Boeing 747-200. From Airbus they used 21 Airbus A310-300. They also had 1 Boeing 777-200ER.

In 2004 Air India was flying 12 times a week between Mumbai or Delhi and London. From London some flights continued to New York or Chicago. Air India was also flying to Paris, Frankfurt and Vienna. Air India also had routes between India and Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Jakarta. In Africa Air India has Nairobi and Dar es Salaam as a destination. In 2004 Air India was also flying between Mumbai and Los Angeles via Europe with a 747-400.

In 2003 Air India used a fleet of 7 Boeing 747-400, they also used 5 other Boeing 747, and 17 Airbus A310.

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