Aerolineas Argentinas

Aerolineas Argentinas is based in Buenos Aires.


By the end of 2014 their fleet has changed substantially. All 747 gone, A340-200 and A310 too. All replaced by A340-300 and A330-200. All 737 replaced by 35 Nex Generation 737. 2010 update

By december 2005 they were flying 2 second hand Airbus A310 and 4 A340-200. In 2005 they owned 3 Boeing 747-400 and 3 Boeing 747-200, of which one (delivered in 1980) had a crack on its fuselage, and another one was stored in Buenos Aires. They also used 8 Boeing 737-500, one Boeing 737-300 and 16 Boeing 737-200. They had stored an extra 15 Boeing 737-200, of which some were scrapped. In december 2005 one MD-88 was still active with Aerolines Argentinas.

January 2005 Grupo Marsans owns 92% of the shares.

Early 2004 they have added one Boeing 747-400 to their fleet and also an Airbus A310.

In 2003 they had a fleet of 6 Boeing 747-200 and 4 Airbus A340-200. They also used 32 Boeing 737-200 with a range of 4.000 km and 10 aircraft of the MD-80 family.

Since october 2001 the airline is owned by private investors. Aerolineas Argentinas was a state owned carrier untill it was sold in 1990 to Iberia.

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