American Airlines

American Airlines is based in Dallas (DFW). They also have hubs in Chicago (ORD) - San Jose (SJC) and San Juan (SJU).


2009 fleet update

In 2006 American uses 47 Boeing 777-200, of which 20 are used on the Transatlantic flights to Europe (Their hub in London (LHR)), 10 deployed on the South American destinations (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio) and 9 for Asia (Their Tokyo hub, Shanghai, Delhi). The average daily utilisation of the 777-200 is just over 12 hours.

In 2005 American airlines used 58 Boeing 767-300ER and 142 Boeing 757-200.

In 2003 American Airlines used 47 Boeing 777 - 94 Boeing 767 - 125 Boeing 757 - 117 Boeing 737 - 259 airplane sof the MD-80 family - 35 airplanes of the Airbus A300 family - 75 Fokker 100 aircraft.

In 2004 American Airlines is a US airline and has an important part of it's operations in the US domestic market. They also have transatlantic business as they fly between New York or Chicago and Europe (London, Brussels, Paris). They also have operations all over Latin America (Quito, Lima, Bogota, Mexico City, and many others).

American Airlines

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