Airbus A 319

In 1996 Swiss became the first user of the A319.

It's a shortened version of the original A320. The absolute maximum range of the aircraft is 3.700 nm (6.800 km) in an all first class configuration.

By january 2008 Airbus had recieved a total of 1605 orders for the Airbus A 321. Of which 1029 aircraft had been deliverd and all but one were still in service.

By january 2006 some 804 Airbus A319 aircraft have been delivered, and all of these except one were in still in service and Airbus had orders to deliver 445 more Airbus A319, which makes a total of 1249 orders for the Airbus A319 by january 2006.

The A319 seats around 125 persons. Low cost carriers like easyjet used it to seat 149 passengers in 2005, which equaled their Boeing 737-300 seating.

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Airlines which used the A319 include: Air Canada, US airways, Tap, Air France, Lufthansa, SN Brussels airlines, Mexicana, Alitalia, Finnair, Tunisair.

Boeing had launched the Next Generation Boeing 737. The first of these aircraft was the 737-700, delivered from 1997. In 2007 the 737-700ER became available.


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